Laughing So Hard You Though Up... (Day 29 of 30)

by Tony Dang March. 07, 2012 693 views

So today was not that great. It was actually really bad. It all started in homeroom. People… We took a practice test in Spanish and I got 78%. Math just added to my anger. We got our quizzes back and I got 63% on it. My grade is now 77% in math. I didn't talk for like 2 hours after math. Science was normal. Band was kinda annoying. People again… I took all of double band testing on Sparks on Smartmusic. I could tell people were mad at me. Sometimes I question who my real friends are. Language arts was pretty good compared to the rest of my day. Georgia Studies was boring. I found out I 70% on the practice test we had yesterday. That's pretty good compared to the rest of the class. I walked to Kaitlin's house with her and Erica after school. When we got to Kaitlin's house, we ate and goofed offed for like 30 minutes then we tried to study for the math test we have Tuesday. Oh boy… So when Kaitlin went to see what chapters we needed to study, Erica farted quite loudly as I was drinking water. As I choked on my water from laughing, it suddenly got brighter outside. Then, as it started to get darker, I attempted to drink my water for the second time and Erica decided to yelled “CHOKE” to make it bright again. This, for some reason, was really, really funny. It was so funny that I though up… right in front of her. Not full blown throwing up but a couple chucks. I was like crying and laughing at the same time with my hand filled my spit and my jeans soaked in water and a couple chucks of ramen lying there. After the whole thing, I had to change into Kaitlin's brother's pants and brush my teeth. We were already like 30 minutes behind schedule (yes, I made a schedule) at this point and I was so distracting from me throwing up that I couldn't study. Later Erica went home and me and Kaitlin went outside and played foursquare for a little while. That was fun. It was the most exercise I've gotten in like a year. Kaitlin gave me her fish bowl and I went home. I forgot my bag of my water soaked jeans at Kaitlin's house so she washed them for me… with my headphones in the pocket, but that's okay since they were about to break anyways. I didn't have that much homework today so I spent it cleaning my room since my parents are coming back tomorrow. They called for the 4th time since they left today. I talked to my grandma for the first time in like 3 years. I had rice for dinner. I also watched the Kony thing floating around the web today. I would fully support it if I had money so anyone who is rich should do it and give me one of your bracelets. I also watched Jenna Marbles' newest video and it made my day better.

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