200 Pound Beauty: Rewatch 5X

by Tony Dang April. 16, 2012 573 views

Today was a little less than fantastic. Sr. Venero was as pissy as ever. At least Jacob got moved. I feel kinda bad for telling on him though. Math was normal. Review game… I lost once again. Science was better. We took yet another quiz and I got a 90%. Band and double band were normal. Language arts was boring. Georgia Studies was fine. I was really mean to everyone today for no particular reason, a sense, if you will. And I was right. Right after “it” happened with my dad, I called Erica, crying, so then she Skyped me. Skype was being a gigantic poop today so we only talked for like 10 minutes. So after everything, I watched “200 Pound Beauty” once again. This would be the 5th time, I think. It's my automatic go-to movie to cry and I did. Then I crawl into bed and did the same thing.

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