Sleeping before 10PM

by Tony Dang April. 17, 2012 447 views

Today was better than yesterday. I came in early just because and I ended up doing my Spanish project, sitting next to Yuvia and Mary Alice. I don't like Mary Alice. We are like frenemies. Spanish was okay. Sr. Venero was better. We had our code red drill during the test so we didn't get to finish it. During the drill, I was yelled at several times, but at least I understand why. And I'm almost certain Aubrey was talking about me during it and that bothered me. Math was normal. Review game. Me losing. Science was normal. Quiz. Another 90%. Band and double band were normal. Language arts was interesting. We're reading “Dracula” the play and I was chosen as Renfield, the insane lunatic, so that was fun and fitted very well. I got to miss Georgia Studies to see the percussion ensemble. I got home and fed Gregory but the container fell on the floor so well I opened it, all the food fell into his bowl so now I have to clean his bowl soon. I cleaned my room because I had nothing better to do. Then I watched “How I Met Your Mother” and “Smash” on XFinity. Then I went to bed at 9:00PM. I was proud of myself.

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