CRCT, Backpack

by Tony Dang April. 18, 2012 785 views

Today was not great, but not terrible. I woke up at like 6:00AM and made myself breakfast for the first time this year. I was in a really good mood. But then school… On the bus, I figured out my phone's MP3 player was messed up so I only listened to two songs before we got to school, which music is my stress reliever. Sr. Venero was really annoying today. I had to spend like 6 hours with him for CRCT testing. He kept being a butt face. It's like calm down, you're more nervous than me and I'm the one taking the test. The test itself was surprisingly easy today. Hopefully the next ones will be too. After the test, we had to stay in first period for an hour, Spanish. We watched some videos about a detective lady. “Eres Tu Maria” I think. But Sr. Venero kept pausing it to ask questions. After Spanish, we went to connections. We had 25 minutes of each connection so I basically had a regular band class. Band and double band were normal. Then we went to our 3rd period which is science for me. Science was annoying too. Miyah was being a butt too. At least I got a lot of work done from not talking. On the bus, Doug licked me… At least my phone was working so that was good. When I got home, I found the backpack I was waiting for that my parents got me for my birthday in an opened delivery box. I was kinda upset because it was opened but got over it quickly. I like it. Then I watched “New Girl.”

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