Jammin' All Day

by Tony Dang April. 28, 2012 361 views

I did a lot of stuff for my dad today. But let's start at the beginning. Last night, I watched “The Hunger Games.” I downloaded it online but it still hasn't come out on DVD yet so it was pretty crappy quality. It was okay. The books were way better. They tried to squeeze too much into 2 hours. I'll definitely re-watch it when it comes out on DVD so it would be better quality. Then I jammed to random music and went to sleep around 2:00AM. I woke up around 11:00AM, I think, and had to babysit the demon child and Timy. I made them brownies but they didn't eat any so it was mainly for me. Fat. I was suppose to, and really wanted to, go to Katelyn's house for a Disney group meeting but couldn't because of babysitting. Then I had to move ROCKS for my dad. That took up most of my afternoon. It was so disgusting. Worms, spiders, beetles. After, I re-posted and posted another Craigslist ad selling my dad's cars. This time I bumped up the price so only serious buyers will call. Then I packed some stuff for Disney. All while jammin' to Queen.

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