Season Finales

by Tony Dang May. 15, 2012 418 views

Today was good except for my morning. I woke up to a PAINFUL stomachache. I thought I was going to die. I took a shower then my head started to feel like someone through a textbook at it. I came into homeroom and took two Advils and the pain decreased a little. We had the EOCT again and today's was a lot harder than yesterday but everyone else thought it was easier. Halfway through the test, I started to have a mental breakdown. I had flashbacks of every nightmare I can remember. And my nightmares are very complex, abstract, and very hard to explain so I won't try. After the EOCT, we went to second period, which is math. We watched a Disney math movie for 30 minutes. In science, we just took notes AGAIN. Band was normal. Double band was with orchestra and the pain was really kicking in again by then. We read the play again in language arts. I just lied on the floor for most of class being a dead person. Georgia Studies was good. Another group presented and it was actually interesting and plus we got Gatorade. I came home and wash my face and got ready for the orchestra concert. I decided to be Erica's friend again because there is less than 2 weeks of school left and I shouldn't be mad because I'll probably never see her again after middle school. The orchestra concert was better than expected. I sucked. I met a lot of people's parents and family today. After the concert, my dad came and picked me up. I came home, had dinner, and watched the season finale of “Smash.” I think I died. It was so good. I don't want to wait for next season to come around. Then I watched the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother.” Now, I'm out of things to watch for like months.

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