by Topacman February. 12, 2012 722 views

leaks that have eaten through that foam and leaked down to the ground/ car below it. When a leak happens above the foam, it can get stored in channels above it, allowing it to sit, mold up, and become acidic.

Heres the leak, if you check the date its from 2/12/12!!! And they have the “Quck Response Containment Unit” for over a month here. This was never cleaned up either.

look at how white and glossy the water is, its not from the flash… its a dark liquid, but white on top of it… This was never cleaned up by the zamboni thing we have

Smoke break time?

a leak behind our soda machine that was on going for about a year. Used to leak on our chairs and on the walls. It even leaked on that electric socket. After around the 15th time asking them to fix it, I got one to come out while it was dripping a good amount, and it was dripping right on the socket, so he finally repaired it. But never was cleaned up

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