When you are stuck

by San May. 03, 2017 165 views

I set up the blog mainly as a treehole for me to release my sadness, frustrations and negative energy I am experiencing in my life. Everyone needs a treehole, everyone needs an emotional release or refuge.  I am at a point in my life where I am stuck and looking for guidance of my deepest calling  in career, family and relationship. Personally I feel like a failure because there is not anything I am very proud of, and there is mess to clear up from my previous relationship. I ask for messages from the higher above everyday and want to know how I can be ultimately happy and enjoy life, whether or not I have a partner. I also like to know what is blocking my way to find my true happiness, to be with the person I want to be with and to just simply say I Love You to her when I feel want to. When I miss her, I really visualize the happy moments we have and pretend that I am talking to her, telling her I miss her a lot and want to be with her. Instead of shedding my missing into tears, sometimes is better to spit it into a tree hole, where one day this tree hole maybe discovered and understood my someone. It is just me in the tree hole. I hope I will find an answer for my search soon and the person right next to me will be my tree hole who I can share all my thoughts and feelings with. Love you and miss you! And will the universe sends you the message I shout out to you. And will you feel the connection we have even we are not physically close and intimate at the time being. Miss your smell and want to sleep next to you. I know it seems to be crazy to overthink you. But all through these years, who is the one who has not get rid of in my mind ? Is this the answer or just my imagination? I don't know but I hope my angels and intuiton will tell me what to do and will bring us together. 

Love you 

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