summer is creeping in

by San May. 07, 2017 193 views


I hope it will be a good idea to write down my thoughts when I am thinking of you and when we are not seeing so much and talking too much these days. I love you and would like you to know. I shout out in my heart more than a hundred times a day. Maybe this does not help pour out my feelings to you. Perhaps I am thinking too much and I am trying to ask the Universe to give me an answer if there is. I would also like you to tell me you misz me and think of me once in a while in the day. Sometimes I just want to say everything out because I know love is not something to be ashamed of, and it is not easy but quite amazing to remember the feelings for you, and to have such a strong desire for you after almost three years we have met. 

You know these days I am feeling very low and like the rest of the world is not moving in my way. Depression is so horrible and one tiny negative thought can be so corrosive. Tears run down my cheeks so many times these because of the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. I know no one is going to pick me up except me myself and I have to prove to myself once again that I am not fear of tomorrow and the future, as God has already have the best plan for me. I only have to believe that God will not abandon me and will give me a way out of my troubles,  anxieties and unhappiness because His love to me suffice my needs. I pray and ask for refuge and believe that having a kind heart will bring me the peace of mind and make me feel loved. God, help me understand truly that I have to believe no matter what my circumstances is, because what is precious and real somehow can't be seen with our eyes. Let no fear or worries and negative thoughts eat up my mind. I too need tender love from you and I am not as tough as you see. I would also like you to see my vulnerable side and support me even it is untold. 

As summer is creeping in,  things are going to turn better and I must believe that true love between us will come back when the time is right.  I love you and goodnight.  

Surrender to the divine light

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