Cast away your fear and anxiety

by San May. 08, 2017 390 views

This was a game I played with a group of unknown people a week ago and it was nothing new but a game springs from the concept of Rich Dad Poor Dad.  I have financial worries , all people have. And this is somehow making me feel very insecure and tend to mistrust people and do not have good thoughts of my current condition now.  In a word , the situation I am stuck with financially is somehow keeping me unhappy and making me quite anxious.  Everyday I read a lot of tips about staying positive and attracting all I want in life,  and it takes effort to really exert this into the reality.  I would write down all I am worried about here and the universe will bring me what I need at the right time,  no matter what I can see now and hear now.  I am a blessed girl and deserve all the abundance that I should have enjoyed.  I have learnt my lesson of what kind of people I am really and will not be blinded by what I thought was me in the past,  because I have realized that nothing is more valuable than a person who has a stable emotion , who is supportive and who is reliable. God please give me the strength to face whatever you have arranged for me and let me be open to embrace love and wealth and health.  I am allowing myself to receive positive energies and vibes and cast away all useless nonsense negative thoughts. Bless me with the faith and strength to believe.  

Cash flow game

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