Day 251 - Project 365 "Grandparents"

by Trinicia Perch September. 08, 2019 73 views

Both of these pictures were taken in 2oo5. This was a pretty hard year emotionally. I lost my maternal grandmother the beginning of the year, hurricane Katrina became on of the biggest disasters in New Orleans history and I lost my paternal grandmother the end of the year.

These are the homes my grandparents lived it. I spent a lot of time in both places growing up and have plenty of great memories. It's amazing how every time I look at these pictures I can think of a moment in time and it seems just like yesterday. I miss them dearly and am so grateful for all the wonderful stories I can tell my daughter about her great-grandparents.

Marerro, LA November 2005

Marerro, LA November 2005

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