Tricks that help to Take Better Travel Photos

by Tristan Taylor June. 02, 2015 1465 views

Have you ever noticed that the vacation pictures of some people are a replica of postcards they could have easily purchased from the airport on their way home?

Capturing the Sydney Opera or the Eiffel Tower is quite common. In fact, when we visit these destinations, taking a snap of these iconic creations is something we never miss.

Close your eyes and just think of your last vacation. What is the image that overrules others? Is it the image of an archaeological structure or the fresh pastries at the bakery, the colorful markets, the street vendors, people sitting at the café, or the fresh streets after the morning shower? Try to think out of the box the next time you go on a vacation. Create iconic images and frame your own memories and stories instead of going by the norm.

How to get started?

Shoot Faster

Photographing individuals in cultural situations need a mindset that is different from the one required to shoot landscapes. Forget the tripod and settings. Think less about the image quality. Instead, focus on capturing the moment. Freeze the action simply by relying on the autofocus and the fast shutter speed. Go for the handhelds, as you will not have so much time to fiddle around with the tripods. Shooting in the Aperture Priority mode [] allows to dial in desired aperture fast while the camera decides on shutter speed.

Get Closer

As Robert Capa pointed out [], “If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough.”

You can take this statement literally. The closer you move to your subject, the more detail you can capture.

There are several ways to do this.

The first is to zoom in. This is an extremely effective strategy and has resulted in several compelling pictures.

The second is to just walk closer to your subject. Though you may not be comfortable doing this, everyone will appreciate the pictures taken this way.

Wait to Include Details

You can include signage and people in the pictures. The price and the name of fruits at farmer’s market written in local language, the creative store signs and the newsstands featuring local papers will create a lively image of the place. You can also incorporate the locals in the frame. It can be as varied as folks buying a newspaper, selecting flowers in the market, having coffee at a café, or simply chatting while they walk their dogs. Human elements will certainly add interest to the images.

If you are doing street photography, just wait. Something will certainly unfold in front of you, offering the subject for a great shot. All that you will need to do is just create the right frame.

Resist Taking Traditional Shots

Planning to shoot a picture standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower when in Paris? Isn’t it a cliché shot? Almost every person visiting the French capital has a similar picture.

Try and shoot a different perspective while visiting any famous landmark. You can take a close up of the bolts and the beams. Repeated patterns are the best subjects of photography. Be innovative and try to tell a story. Shooting the architectural details will be a nice change to the traditional photos of the landmark.

Avoid the Boring Group Photos

Don’t go the ordinary and common way when it comes to clicking group pictures. Instead, try something out of the box. After return from a long day spent in sightseeing, take a picture of tourists playing soccer with the locals or kids having fun in front of the hotel. These are the pictures you will cherish throughout your life. This will evoke fun memories and travel stories, making you smile every time you open the album.

Shoot out of Comfort Zone

Shoot out of comfort zone, but do not endanger yourself. Use common sense and consider things that you do not usually give a nod to. You will find the best photo opportunities here. For example, you can pay a visit to an abandoned house occupied only by bats, some of which may directly hit your face. You can take a few awesome pictures even if you are frightened or claustrophobic. Make sure to keep your camera safe [] while traveling.

Fill the Frame

The interesting parts of a scene should always start at the left corner and end at the right. The subject must fill the frame so that the edges do not include too much of superfluous information. The photographs can amplify or isolate experience and turn up as an attraction by itself.

To get the feel of a new destination, allow yourself to be guided by your senses. This will help you to bring back great images! However, it is not enough to take great shots. You need to do something with them. You can print them, share them or make an album. No doubt, some people like their photos in hard drives, but printing them is a much better option.

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