Ways to Shoot Great Pictures in the Rain

by Tristan Taylor August. 07, 2015 1961 views

Ever thought of clicking pictures in the rain?

Yes, it might not sound a great idea for a lot of people. And if you are not adventurous at all, you might not even try that. You might wonder that rainy days, with no sunlight around, is not a proper time when you can get some amazing clicks.

But the truth is, rains create the perfect setting for clicking a few pictures, which people will keep staring at. All you need to do is take advantage of adverse weather conditions and come up with interesting compositions.

Thinking it’s quite easy to do?

Of course not.

But give it a try. And you will find that water drops create a fascinating scenery. And there are more than one reason for that.

Raindrops can reflect light in interesting ways. And this creates just one of the many opportunities that you get while photographing in the rain. There are several other things of interest that you will encounter while photographing in a rainy weather. And sometimes you might even find that bad weather conditions will give you an opportunity to be more creative.

Today, we will point out a few things that you can do to turn bad weather to your advantage.

Pack Your Gear

Being prepared will help you to win half the battle. You need to remain prepared for the unexpected showers, especially if you are working in a climate prone to it. You need to remain prepared with your umbrellas and appropriate gear for such conditions.

So what are the things that you need to pack to click pictures in rain?


In most cases, if you are carrying them, you won’t need them. But if you are not carrying them, you are bound to lament. Umbrellas do add fun to the composition while keeping the subjects happy and dry. You can use one for yourself.

Though most of us are not in possession of beautiful and fancy umbrellas, it’s really worth investing in a few decent ones. The umbrellas with bright shades might add that magic color to your picture that you had so longed for.

#Camera Gear

Regardless of the things you are shooting, you need to keep your camera dry. You probably don’t mind getting wet yourself if your can keep the camera away from the showers. Camera raincoats are easily available now. You can also use a camera hood. This will protect your lens from getting wet and prevent the rain drops from bombing your picture.


While shooting in low light, you may need to use slow shutter speed. This will need you to stabilize the camera. If tripod is not available, you can also substitute it with a flat and stable surface.

#Moisture Absorbent Packet

If you plan to be in the damp for long, you can put in a few moisture absorbent gel packets in the camera bag before heading out. This will aid in preventing condensation on the gear.


Don’t forget them. They can prove really a lifesaver on rainy days.

Tips to Shoot in Rain

Now, we will go through a few techniques to shoot in the rain and the things to avoid.

#Find a Location

Depending upon the type of shoot, you will get the option to change location. So, consider moving indoors. You can also keep things under trees, deck, or a covering.

#Make the Most of the Rain

Remember that rain is not likely to show up in the pictures. You are quite likely to see just the effects like droopy flowers, wet hair or mud puddles. But if up for an adventure, you can consider incorporating rain into a composition.

Raindrops are significantly more visible if backlit and it looks photogenic too. Raindrops on fruits, leaves, and other surfaces can add a beautiful dimension. Remain on the lookout for puddles. They will present the best opportunities to photograph reflections.

#Watch Out for Light

One of the most significant things to look for is lighting. Cloudy days present a perfect opportunity to look for natural lighting. Breaks in the storm can create beautiful effects to be incorporated into the composition. While using umbrellas, watch out for shadows. Get your subjects tilt the umbrella a bit to adjust lighting.

#Pop a Little Bit of Flash

Flash will light up the raindrops. Turn it down to add a bit of pop to the raindrops. You may need to experiment as this technique is quite tricky. It may not work always, but if it does, it looks magical.

#Search for Expressions of Misery or Joy

Rain is capacitated to transform people. The reaction of each people is different ranging from sullen dread of the rain drenched commuters to the joy of children. Capture these emotions to click a great picture.

#Increase ISO

With rain come the clouds that block the Sun. Shooting in such a time is similar to shooting around dusk. Use a higher ISO sensitivity to shoot better.
Though most of us are afraid of rain, be positive in spite of the weather. Remember that you can take great photos in the rain. Rain can also add a unique beauty to the composition. Capture the strong reactions of people to create a few interesting images.

Follow these tips and in little time you may also be looking forward to clicking pictures in the rain.

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