Ways to Click Great Close-Up Photos

by Tristan Taylor November. 25, 2015 1247 views

We are surrounded by subjects that make fascinating close-up studies. The rewarding pictures are ones that are taken with little or no preparation. There is something liberating about grabbing the camera and heading off to find something delightful. Close-up photography is perfect in this respect as we are surrounded by several fascinating objects. Every object that we see has some unusual details that go unnoticed usually, but this makes very stunning pictures.

Taking close-up pictures is one of the best ways to develop creativity and eye for good shots since it forces you to find something interesting in the most mundane subjects. It also helps to look for small details in other types of photography like portraits and landscapes that help to shoot traditional subjects in unique or unusual manner.

Let’s have a look at some ways to get going in the close-up photos.

Go as Close as Possible

This sounds quite obvious. Set up your camera on a tripod, find yourself a subject and get your camera close to the subject. Switch camera to manual focus. You can try autofocus, but you can focus a little closer if you use manual focus. The tripod [dummies.com] is necessary if using the manual focus. As soon as you have the subject in focus, check out on the composition as you are used to doing with other types of photography. Use the composition guidelines to put the image together before you take the shot.

You need to make minor adjustments while shooting. While making the adjustments, you may get lost in the world of intricate details. While looking through the viewfinder, view it as a small world or a small landscape scene. Very soon, you will find yourself swept by it completely.

Choose the Subject with Care

Find yourself subjects with an interesting or unusual feature that catches your eye. The details may be anything from a cool texture, an eye-catching color or an unusual shape. Examine the subject properly and ask what aspects interest you most about the subject. Focus on it in the close-up picture. All other details will be secondary. You can also exclude them completely.

Remember the General Photography Rules

What is that? One of the general rules of photography is studying the subjects. If you have some time, undertake research on your subject so that you have some ideas on ways to project the scene when you begin clicking the pictures. This is very important if you are taking close-ups of birds, butterflies or similar subjects.

Choose the Background Right

If you want the subject to be at the center of focus, opt for a background that is in contrast to the whole scene. You can also try using contrasting colors.

Consider the Viewpoint

Get a close up. Combine zooming in and moving closer to crop in as tightly as possible on the chosen detail. You can include details to provide a context to the picture if you want to. However, remember that this will lessen the impact of the really interesting part of the shot substantially.

Go as close possible. A significant part of the close-up pictures lack impact as they were shot from far away. If your camera doesn’t focus on the subject when you go up close, zoom in as far as possible. You can crop the final shot later.

Go on Practicing to Get Perfection

The first close-up picture that you take must be in an outdoor setting. Try taking close-up shots of leaves, flowers, branches or even grass [mcpactions.com]. Apart from being colorful, these subjects are easy to work with as well since natural lights give off a natural effect. Take the shots early in the day or in late afternoons to get the best result.

With practice, you can move on to other subjects. Make sure to go on practicing and taking pictures, paying more attention to the progress of shots. Work on the pictures and try to find out the things that you need to improve upon and the things that you have mastered.

The above discussed are some of the basic tips to be brought under consideration while taking close-up pictures. Technology is improving continually and it is safe to assume that soon, there will be several more close-up photography techniques coming out.

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