How to Shoot Great Photos in Poor Weather

by Tristan Taylor September. 26, 2016 1426 views
Poor Weather

Weather is quite fickle. There is hardly any predicting how the weather will remain throughout the day. With a photography session planned, a sudden downpour or any other bad condition may turn out to be extremely disappointing. That being said, there can hardly be anything more satisfying than making the most out of a challenging situation. In fact, bad weather can create fantastic opportunities to capture stunning shots.

If you can brave the weather, you will be rewarded with some fantastic photos. Whether you are traveling or simply leaving your house for an evening of photographing the night sky, you might be confronted with poor weather condition anywhere. Here are a few ideas to make the most of bad weather and capture some stunning photos. Let's find out.

Protect Your Gear

While bad weather can provide various opportunities for capturing great shots, it can turn out to be quite damaging for your photography gear. Therefore, it is important to protect the gear well. You can consider using a water and dust resistant bag to carry your camera in. It is worth investing in a camera bag to keep the gear dry. You would find such bags in various designs for this. Additionally, you would need to protect the lenses as well.

Once you reach home, it is wise to keep the camera in the bag for a couple of minutes to allow it to acclimatize. This will prevent the warm air from condensing into mist on the surface of the lens. Purchasing a waterproof cover for your camera is also important. Purchase rain sleeves for your lens as well.

Convert Your Shots to Black and White

Sometimes bad weather conditions may make your photos look dull. In that case, you can consider shooting in black and white mode to add vibrancy to the images. In addition to that, black and white shots allow you to emphasize tones and texture while enhancing the mood of the shot considerably. This is especially true for capturing photos of storm since the black and white option brightens the tone of the picture.

Try Painting With Lightning

Lightning can be an exciting subject to photograph. Painting with lightning can produce some amazing outcomes. There can hardly be anything better than capturing the majesty of thunder and lightning. You can consider capturing multiple images of the strikes and then stacking them up later to produce an exquisite shot of the lightning.

While photographing lightning, it is extremely crucial to stay safe. You should always be inside a structure while setting up your gear and shooting images. Keep in mind that exposed and elevated spaces can be quite dangerous. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from them. Find a low-lying vantage point to shoot from for maximum safety.

Use a Tripod

Poor weather conditions indicate reduced availability of light. This means that you would have to resort to longer exposures in order to be able to shoot good photos. However, long exposure photos are highly prone to distortion owing to camera shake. Unless you own a camera or a lens with stabilizing capability, you will need to carry a tripod along with you to ensure that the photographs are sharp.

Capture Reflections

A sudden downpour is quite likely to leave puddles on the road. While these may seem to be inconveniences, puddles can turn out to be exquisite photo options. You can consider making most of these by capturing the reflections in these puddles.

Capturing such images can turn a dull scene into an invigorating one. Look for angles that can make the picture a stunning one.

Focus on the Details in the Landscape

Sometimes poor weather conditions can make the sky look uninteresting. During those times, you can consider looking more closely at your surroundings to identify the details in the landscape that are worth capturing. This method will enable you to pay more attention to the landscape and notice every tiny detail that you may have otherwise overlooked.

Focus on these objects and zoom in. You will be overwhelmed at the outcomes of this method. Look out for something that stands out and try capturing it.

You can train your eye to see what the others overlook with enough practice. If you live in Abu Dhabi, you can consider going through the details of photography classes Abu Dhabi and choose the one best suited to your requirement to get trained by the experts.

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