Tips for Taking Captivating Panoramic Photos

by Tristan Taylor November. 30, 2016 1973 views

Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Photos

Our 180-degree vision permits us to see everything in panorama. However, capturing the expanse through the lens of a camera becomes extremely difficult owing to its restricted capabilities.

Imagine looking at a deserted sea beach during sunrise as the waves come crashing against the shore or looking at the sunset from the top of the mountain after a hike. A panoramic photo helps in capturing the entire expanse of the landscape in front of you.

Some smartphone cameras provide the option to capture panoramic photos. Apart from that, one of the best ways to produce panoramic photos is by stitching together a series of images. It is like capturing photos through a wide angle lens, only wider. Panoramic images help in providing context by showing a broad view.

Let's take a look at some of the most effective ways to take stunning panoramic photos.

Pay Attention to Image Composition

A good panoramic photograph depends on the image composition. One of the best composition methods is the Rule of Third. For this, you would need to divide the image you intend to capture into three equal portions, both horizontally and vertically. Now you would need to place the subject at one of the intersections.

While shooting panoramic photo, you would need to focus on the three blocks in the middle, horizontally. You can add something of interest in these blocks. This helps in adding depth to the panoramic photo. For example, if you are shooting a landscape, the blending of the skyline and the land can be a unique thing to focus on. You can consider including a boat in the lower blocks.

Overlap the Shots

Overlapping the shots enables you to have duplicates of all the elements of the image. The extent to which you should overlap the images varies from one sequence of images to the other. It also depends on the orientation of the images you are taking. For example, if you are shooting in the portrait mode, you would need to overlap the images by 50%. However, while shooting in the landscape orientation, a 15 - 30% overlap is enough depending on the set of images you have taken.

It can be quite disappointing to get home from the shooting spot and discovering that you have a few pieces of the image missing. One of the best ways to ensure that the stitching is successful is by taking ample pictures. Start at the extreme of one side (left/right) and keep taking the shots as you move your camera even by a little bit towards the other side. Ensure that you are taking the pictures on the same level.

Use the Right Gear and Settings

The first thing you need to take good panoramic photos is a stable tripod to ensure that the photos are sharp. Once this problem is taken care, you need to find a fixed rotation angle for your camera. This will help in overlapping the images sufficiently. This will help in reducing the problems caused by the movement of the camera to capture the entire scene.

A panoramic adapter will help in ensuring that the rotation of the camera does not produce any parallax errors in the image. You would need to set up this adapter properly for the lens and camera that you plan on using. It is wise to keep the aperture between f/8 and f/11 to keep the entire scene in focus. Keep the ISO settings at the right level and avoid using auto ISO.

Get the Basics Right

Be it panoramic or any other type of photography, your concept of the photography basics matter the most. Your knowledge of photography will help you adapt to the varying situations you will face while taking panoramic photos. If you live in Abu Dhabi, you can find out the details of the various quality photography classes in Abu Dhabi and enroll in the best one to make the most of your photography skills.

Additionally, a proper knowledge of the various settings of your camera will come in handy while shooting the panoramic images.

You would need to be quick while taking panoramic images. This is because the amount of available light may change while you cover the entire expanse of the landscape. As a result, the images will end up looking inconsistent.

These tips combined with a little experimentation and creativity can help in making your panoramic images stand out. 

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