Choosing Photography as Career - Things to Keep in Mind

by Tristan Taylor January. 23, 2017 2181 views
Photography Career

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into professional photography. You’ve probably spent a lot on getting the right equipment and spent many hours perfecting your technique and composition. You have the creative urge and you want to follow your passion. Equally importantly, you want to use your passion to make money. Before you go ahead, though, here are some things you may want to keep in mind.

Improve Your Skill

You may have good equipment, cameras, lenses etal but if you still delete more photographs than you keep, you’re not ready to be a professional photographer. You may have been complimented frequently on the work that you do, but compliments aren’t enough. You need to be very good at what you do before you start charging money for your photographs.

It is a good idea to improve your technique and the composition of your photographs first. You can do this by taking a course in photography, attending photography classes Abu Dhabi, and going to workshops. You may even want to consider attending an art class or two to understand more about portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes and how to achieve depth.

Get Some Experience

Nothing beats experience, regardless of what field you’re in. When it comes to photography this tenet becomes even more important. If you think about, this sort of relates to the previous point about improving your skills at photography too. The more experience you gain, the more consistent you will be when it comes to the quality of the photographs you take. Experience will teach you not only when conditions are ideal for you to take photographs, but also what to do when conditions aren’t ideal. You will also learn how your camera settings work and how you can use them to achieve your best work. Do all this before you start charging people for taking their photographs. In a field with so much competition, you don’t want to sink before you’ve started simply because you don’t have enough experience.

Don’t Turn Photography into a Chore

The idea of doing something you love to make a living is a great one. After all, who doesn’t want to follow their passion and make money while doing it? But do keep in mind that what was once your passion can quickly turn into a chore once it becomes something you have to do to earn your living. If you don’t balance your life, you may find that you actively hate taking photographs where once you loved being behind the camera. You may have started out doing something you love to earn a living, but what happens when you stop loving that thing?

You’ll have to Deal with the Business Side of Things

This is again something that a lot of us overlook when we decide to make a living through our passion. There is a lot of mundane stuff that goes with starting your own photography business such as licenses, taxes, equipment, contracts, phone calls, emails and schedules. You are running a business after all, and just like any other business, if you don’t take care of all these mundane tasks, you’ll find that everything falls apart. For every moment spent taking photographs, there are hours you’ll spend taking care of your equipment, running around for a business license, doing your taxes, creating proper contracts, scheduling your appointments, fielding phone calls and answering your mail. To be successful in the photography business, you can’t just think like a photographer; you have to think like a businessperson.

You’ll have to Deal with People

They’re the ones who’re going to be your subjects, after all. They’re also the ones who are going to pay you. If you don’t have people skills, now is a really good time to develop them. You will meet all sorts of people as a professional photographer. Most of these people will be great, but some – not so much. You will have clients who demand the sun, the moon and the stars in the entire universe just because they’re paying you. While it may be tempting to tell them off, it isn’t going to win you many customers in the long run.

When you’re looking from the outside in, you’ll believe that being a photographer is an easy and cushy kind of a job. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like any other profession, especially if you’re going into business for yourself, photography requires a lot of preparation and hard work.

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