6 Most Costliest Photographs In The World

by Tristan Taylor June. 12, 2017 2267 views

Paintings and artwork were once a very precious possession. Later, with the invention of cameras and photo films, people got another mean to capture a moment and store it for generations to come, and some of these are very pricey. Photography can be said to be aiding art and has helped it to be more culturally and historically significant. Some photographs find their way to glory because of the impression they create and the story they tell. As moment and time cannot come back, photographs can be treasured. If you want to know which ones were the rarest photographs of all times, take a look at the list given below.

#1. Rhein II, by Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky ranks amongst the most respected photographers who specialize in fine art and landscape photography. His year 1999 "Rhein 2" photograph got sold for more than $4.3 million. Rhein 2 is the shot of scenery, and has a river following its regular course, in a very calm manner. The picture and snap were not sold in its original form, as the photographer altered some of its components and elements. Gursky says that this was done to depict the flow of the modern age river more accurately.

#2. Untitled 96 by Cindy Sherman

Only after six months of the sale of Gursky's Rhein 2, Cindy Sherman sold a photograph at a price of $3.8 million. The date of sale was May 2011 while this picture, named "Untitled 96", was shot way back in the year 1981. It is the persona of a teenage girl lying in the supine position, on the floor. The girl is holding a torn piece of the classified section of the newspaper. Cindy has been a famous conceptual portrait snapper, and her photograph managed to make more money than Rhein 2, after the sale of the second print.

#3. Dead Troops Walk by Jeff Walls

The photo is like a war scene, and depicts a scene from Afghanistan where a Red Army patrolling party is ambushed, in the winter season of the year 1986. The snap shows that the dead soldiers are taking to each other, and the conversations amongst some are also funny. There is an Afghan boy in the picture as well, and he is not very aware of the resurrection of these soldiers. The image has been specially curated to reach the art galleries and has made way to certain renowned museums as well. This picture was sold at the Christie Auction in New York at a price of $3.6 million in the year 2012.

#4. 99 Cents II by Andreas Gursky

Another photograph by Andreas Gursky makes way into the rarest photos list with its hues and colors. 99 Cent II Diptychon consists of t2 parts, and these are shot within a supermarket that has numerous goods and aisles. Gursky has altered the photograph digitally to reduce the perspective. The photograph was sold at a price of $3.3 million at Sotheby's London auction, in the year 2007. The second and the third print of the photograph were also sold for millions.

#5. Cowboy by Richard Prince

Richard Prince has been known for producing works that can critique and reflect the American culture. Prince used to crop and refocus the images that he obtained from the articles or newspaper advertisements and articles, and he used these images henceforth for his needs. The picture ‘Cowboy" has been obtained from the advertisement of Marlboro cigarette and shows a cowboy riding a horse. It is reminiscent of the passion, muscularity and pastoral life and attitude of medieval America. This one was auctioned at a price of $3.4 million.

#6. For Her Majesty by Gilbert and George

The duo of Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore have worked in areas including photo-based artwork and performance artwork. The For Her Majesty series consisted of 37 parts and was created in the year 1973. The picture was auctioned at price of $3.7 million in the year 2008.

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