The balcony observer's 186th report (Video)- Potter wasp building nest (Delta pyriforme) 做泥巢

by Tsao T-F October. 05, 2019 322 views

Dear my friends,

Thanks for Buster's reminding me, a video titled "A potter wasp (Delta pyriforme) 黃胸泥壺蜂 搬泥來做巢" has been created on my Facebook Page here (You may be asked to register).

The player of the background violin music (J.Dont-24-Exercises-Op.37-No.2) is my niece (Thank you!).

I hope you will like it.

A potter wasp (Delta pyriforme) 黃胸泥壺蜂 搬泥來做巢

A potter wasp (Delta pyriforme) 黃胸泥壺蜂 搬泥來做巢

Within the first three days, a potter wasp (Delta pyriforme) built a nest with wet mud balls on the wall of my balcony.

On the fourth day, a green-color larva of lepidopteran (moth or butterfly) was kidnapped and anesthetized to serve as food for a single wasp larva in the future.

On the fifth day, the entrance of the pottery was sealed with mud balls. Then the nest was accomplished.

一隻黃胸泥壺蜂(Delta pyriforme)在陽台牆上用潤濕的泥球築巢。頭三天,先做好陶罐子形狀的泥巢,把卵產在裡面。



Tsao 2019.10.05

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Buster Bruce 1 year, 3 months ago

Fascinating video Tseo! We were entertained and annoyed all summer by these creatures. They took over our eves, trees and our pool. But interestingly outside of one sting they gave me after I accidentally disturbed their nest-  they typically were not aggressive. Thanks for this interesting presentation.

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Tsao T-F Replied to Buster Bruce 1 year, 3 months ago


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