The balcony observer's 219th report- Love without borders

by Tsao T-F January. 16, 2020 375 views
Love without borders

Love without borders

“As mayor, I am working to fulfill my campaign promise to return to a course of respect for democracy and human rights,” he wrote. “These are the values of the Velvet Revolution, which the current leadership of our republic is neglecting.” 他寫道:“作為市長,我正在努力履行競選承諾,重返尊重民主和人權的道路。” “這些是天鵝絨革命的價值觀,我們共和國目前的領導層對此忽略了。”

(January. 13, 2020) Prague Mayor Unveils Taipei Partnership (Prague Morning)

(January. 13, 2020) Prague inks partnership with Taipei after snubbing Beijing (Taiwan News)

(Dec 2019) Why we fly the Tibetan flag over Prague City Hall (The Washington Post)

(Dec 2019) What’s Behind the Prague-Taipei Sister City Ties? The move has interesting implications for domestic politics in both the Czech Republic and Taiwan, as well as for China-Czech relations. (The Diplomat)

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