The balcony observer's 229th report- Together, we can overcome. 團結抗疫

by Tsao T-F March. 21, 2020 247 views
Love without borders- Health for All - Taiwan can Help

Love without borders- Health for All - Taiwan can Help

Until now, the world’s multilateral bodies have gone along with China’s pressure that Taiwan be excluded. But it has come at a cost to all of us, starting in this case, to China. Now it’s time that we tell China, there is a place for discussing geopolitics. The World Health Organization is not it. 直到現在,世上的多邊組織仍屈就於中國的施壓,排擠台灣。但是從這次事件,因為中國的關係,我們所有人嚐到了苦果。現在是時候告訴中國了,你可以在某些場合討論地緣政治,但在世界衛生組織裡面,你不行。(March 18, 2020) Taiwan Has Been Shut Out of Global Health Discussions. Its Participation Could Have Saved Lives (TIME)

She also implored the public not to spread hatred nor fuel quarrels among Taiwanese society, saying: “Only by showing a sense of unity can we defeat the virus.” 她還呼籲公眾不要在台灣社會散佈仇恨或煽動爭吵,她說:“只有表現出團結感,我們才能打敗這隻病毒。(March 19, 2020) Taiwan to share coronavirus containment tactics with world: President Tsai (Taiwan News)

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