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Welcome! All photos you see in this blog were taken on my small balcony, an area of 5 m^2 (5 meters squared), in Taichung, Taiwan.
歡迎! 您在此部落格中看到的所有照片都是在我的小陽台上拍攝的。陽台位於台灣的台中,面積為5 m ^ 2(5平方公尺)。
As more and more people migrate to cities, cities become bigger and bigger, and there are fewer and fewer wildlife habitats. I hope people are willing to plant some trees in their gardens, balconies, or windowsills after seeing my photos.
隨著越來越多的人遷移到城市,城市變得越來越大,而野生動植物的棲息地越來越少。 我希望人們在看到我的照片後願意在他們的花園,陽台,或窗台上種些樹。
In addition, when reading my articles (cover story series), people will notice that even if the areas are small, their spaces could be full of plants; watering trees is not troublesome; observing is so fun.
They said, "If gardens and a variety of plants are brought back to the cities, animal species will also come back".


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