Batanes : Miss Dee

by Sato Tsuma May. 15, 2007 2249 views

It was too late when I realized my mistake.

I was already seating comfortably in one of the seats inside the airplane—by the window—which I thought was the one assigned to me, when my eyes got to look a little more closely at the seat labels by the top of the window.
It read :

D - Aisle ;
E - Center
F - Window

My ticket, was a D…
And I was seated on F!

I looked at what was supposed to be my seat, and there she was, with a smile on her face. I tried to quickly apologize, and offered to correct the mistake. But she was cool about it, didn't make a fuss, and simply said it was OK.

During the a-little-more-than-an-hour flight, I kept making stolen glances at her, trying to think of some way to repeteadly let her know it was just a simple misunderstanding. She was reading her camera's manual. I wanted to make small talk, being interested in photography myself, with my camera less than a year old. But I was too embarrassed by the mistake and too sleepy from packing my stuff all night long for this EARLY morning flight. It didn't cross my mind that she would be in the same photo safari group I was in. When I opened my eyes again we were about to land.

After deplaning, we were finally introduced while sharing a ride to what would be our hotel for the next 5 days. She prefers to be called just “Dee” (or was it “D”, as in seat “D”? I'm just not sure…). Its her personal term of endearment.

This is the coolest lady I have met so far in my life.
She with her Blackberry and beauty queen looks.
But she is not just all exterior.
Her physical appearance is just a reflection of her even better character.
She is sweet and kind and intelligent.
Best of all she's a cowboy.
She's willing and game to try on anything.
(She joined our little group on top of the jeep once in one of the rides back at the end of the day)

Upon landing back in Manila, before deplaning, she had some REALLY nice words to say to us (I was talking to a new friend).

THANK YOU so much Miss Dee!
I am happy that after 30 years, you can finally check this off your list.
It had been a pleasure spending time with you.
May your tribe increase as well.

By the way, the lady, is a self-proclaimed grandmother(!)
She is not the type to hide her true age.
Out of courtesy, I won't put it here on record anymore.
But I'll tell you now, it is NOT what you'd expect.

Believe it, or not.

I still can't.

Father Oscar called this : "Romancing The Stone"

Practice shot on lighting contrast

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