Northern Luzon - Day 2 (PM) : Windmills (Bangui, Ilocos Norte)

by Sato Tsuma August. 27, 2008 3025 views

The Bangui Wind Mills were built by the NorthWind Power Development Corporation [] to take its share in reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) causing global warming and to accelerate the rural electrification of the goverment.

The 'Wind Farm" as it is aptly called consist of 20 (5 were added as of June 2008 in completion of Phase II of the NorthWind power project) wind turbines. The turbines are on-shore and arranged in a single row spaced 326 meters apart. The turbines hub height (ground level to center of nacelle - that part holding the blades) is 70 meters high, each blade is 41 meters long giving a rotor diameter of 82 meters and a wind swept area of 5,281 square meters.

In Bangui [], erecting the windmills was among the last and shortest step involved in the long process of the project. It began in 1999, when NorthWind was formed by Danish and Filipino engineers and investors. NorthWind set up meteorological towers in Bangui and collected data about wind behavior in the area. The group, led by Danish businessman Niels Jacobsen, then worked to secure loans and permits for the project. The wind farm was built under the build-operate-and-own scheme, via a $40-million loan from the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA).

NorthWind built two wharves to accommodate the landing of the gigantic windmill parts. But the waves of Bangui??s coastline were so rough it took NorthWind five months ?? from October 2004 to February 2005 ?? before it was finally able to offload all the equipment at the site. The project sailed smoothly from then on, as it took the company just two months to install the windmills and lay the cables connecting them to the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC) grid. On May 8, 2005, NorthWind began delivering power to INEC. Thus began the operation of the Bangui wind farm.

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