Now the fun stuff may begin...

by Tulpje May. 02, 2009 1355 views

…like shopping for furniture ;-) At this place we bought a dining table, coffee table and a little chest to put the tv on. They're made of teak wood, wich I love! If anyone knows how to take care of teak wood though… please let me know!

And the Swedish friends couldn't be avoided… the gentleman in the pic really doesn't get why the hell I was taking a picture of that dang ugly building ;-)

And while we were there… lunch had to be consumed: fries, meatballs and cranberry sauce… yum!

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Lizby1 8 years ago

I now want to go to Ikea to eat meatballs.

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Kater 8 years ago

I've never eaten at Ikea. Love the furniture in the first pic.

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Websterella 8 years ago

I want to go to Ikea for lunch.

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Wapsy 8 years ago

oh meatballs. From Ikea as well! YUMMS.

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Susan 8 years ago

i'd oil the teak too. And there is no way you can go to Ikea and not have the meatballs. It's a rule ;-)

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Snkysally 8 years ago

That furniture place looks fantastic. Woo hoo - it's so fun to buy furniture!

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Megaera 8 years ago

Isn't it exciting? I wouldn't seal the teak, I'd oil it.

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Rezinka 8 years ago

God, another reminder of Indonesia in one day. I´m getting really teary now.
And what mox said about the furniture.

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Oweena 8 years ago

The buying of the furniture phase...

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Moxie 8 years ago

Teak will last several lifetimes. Sand it, seal it with a product like SEMCO and put a booster coat on once every couple of years. For outdoor furniture, re-seal every year.

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Riaaa 8 years ago

Hm where do I begin with what's wrong with that dish?! Lingonberry jam - traditional yes but yuck. It's mean to to have real spuds & where in the name of all things good is the sauce! :-)

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