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I was blessed to have an artistic family – whether through drawing, painting, redecorating or building, we all had busy hands and encouraged imagination and experimentation in each other. My grandmothers taught me to sew, crochet, knit and embroider, training my little fingers to be nimble.

In the tenement neighborhoods where we grew up, Mom never failed to point out how oil leaks from dilapidated cars reflected wondrous rainbows in the cracked pavement after a rain. She taught us to look closely at easily missed minutiae – details deep within a flower, an ant struggling to drag a crumb to its lair, the way a catch light added sparkle to the eyes in a portrait. Dad taught us to appreciate and repurpose timeless materials from demolished buildings and create new, incredible structures that we’ve enjoyed for a lifetime.

All of this honed an instinct to look for the beauty in every person and article around us, and ways to communicate our fascination to help others appreciate their world from a different viewpoint. Everything became a potential art project, from original creations to transforming junk to treasure.

I consistently explore how different art media can be expressed as 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional creations. As I learn new techniques, I experiment to integrate it with other processes. A painting can be enhanced with my handmade paper, texturized with materials from another project or transferred to fabric for wearable art. A photograph can stand alone, be segmented into a collage, or digitally altered to present a unique perspective.

We are all artists; it’s simply a matter of being brave enough to explore and expose our view of the world as seen through the filters of our thoughts and emotions. Artists are also our own worst critic, so we must be fearless.

I create not only to satisfy my own hunger, but to tap into a universal need, and offer the world a morsel of my spirit that may sate another’s soul. Bon appetit!


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