day 348 - decoration

by Sherry Hill December. 15, 2017 226 views

[this month of holiday prompts are a stretch for me.. i don't really get into the christmas spirit.. i don't decorate my house or put up a tree.. actually, i'm not really fond of the holiday at all.. even as a kid, i have never enjoyed christmas.. so i have to think outside the box a little when it comes to the prompts]

i don't wear any jewellry on a regular basis, except for this ring.. i found this ring in a decades old box of old, old buttons, that was sitting in a musty corner of a run down antique store.. it slipped right on to my finger and i adore it.. i wish i knew the story behind it.. who wore it.. who gave it and received it.. who might have loved and lost it..

so i decorate myself, with a lost and found ring..

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