deer tracks and chickens

by Sherry Hill August. 25, 2018 231 views
[my driveway]

[my driveway]

simply sharing a view that i appreciate

going to check the mail, i follow the tracks of deer that just walked up my driveway.. i found two deer standing on the road.. so we had a little conversation, i explained to them that the road isn't a safe place for a mama and her pretty little baby, and they should skedaddle.. with my coaxin, they jogged down back into the six acres woods..

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These three chickens look very proper, happy and are reminding me of the three fairy godmothers of Sleeping Beauty. heart

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Pete Fitzgetald 1 year ago

great shot and I love the chickens~

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Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Nothing like living in the country where we can share spaces with other critters & have a loving relationship with Mother Nature!

ps.. did the chickens tell you "why they crossed the road"???? You could have answered an age-old question....(((GRIN)))

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Antonio Gil 1 year ago

You are really a Good Witch grinning

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Sherry Hill Replied to Antonio Gil 1 year ago

[grin] thanks

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Andi Saw 1 year ago
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Sherry Hill Replied to Andi Saw 1 year ago

yeah, my little girls follow me everywhere i go outside.. [smile]

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Joe Zink 1 year ago

Now we know why  the chickens crossed the road

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Sherry Hill Replied to Joe Zink 1 year ago

right? to get the daily mail.. who knew? :)

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