green [76/365]

by Sherry Hill March. 17, 2019 264 views
[john deere green]

[john deere green]

green has always been my favourite colour.. i spent my childhood outside, i felt safe outside.. hiding among the trees.. perhaps that is partly why it's so comforting to me.. it's the colour of nature.. of grass and leaves.. of pond scum and weeds.. of ferns and bugs and clover..

the fella thinks green only comes in one colour.. John Deere green.. [smile]

and since there is hardly a pine needle green enough to photograph, the melting snow giving way to dead grass and muddy earth.. the fellas green tractor it is.. it was a good excuse to get my chickens out for a little walk and a peck in the sunshine [while the banana nut bread baked in the oven]..

[spring chickens]

[spring chickens]

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