bird [nesting] cage

by Sherry Hill June. 20, 2019 199 views
[bird nesting cage]

[bird nesting cage]

a bird cage filled with nesting materials for the wild birds.. anything to help my little feathered friends..

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Renee Wallace Wilson 1 week, 5 days ago

Beautiful black and white!

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Russell Smith 5 months ago

This would be the local nest depot of the wildlife kingdom.

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Jennifer Raknerud 5 months ago

What a great idea and you can watch the birds go shopping.

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Bob Rosenberg 5 months ago

Has this worked for you?  I put a bunch of winter coat hair that our horses had shed into a similar enclosure.  Not too much was taken, and I only saw birds there twice.  I love the idea, just wish I'd seen more success with it.

5 months ago Edited
Sherry Hill Replied to Bob Rosenberg 5 months ago

i tore out an old wren nest and was amazed how much junk was in there.. like feathers, string, shredded tarp fibers.. so i put lots of different things in here, including yarn and hair.. they seem to like things they can weave with.. 
i actually remember your horse hair post.. so i added cat hair and my old hair brush hair.. and i've seen wrens pick at it..

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Bob Rosenberg Replied to Sherry Hill 5 months ago

That's the secret.  Some Sherry hair - how could birds NOT love it?  smile

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Jay Boggess 5 months ago

Mother Nature's little helper! Good for you! Be sure to show us who takes up residence in that super secure space!

ps...thanks for liking my crazy "Robot Rooster" image....

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Sherry Hill Replied to Jay Boggess 5 months ago

yeah, my luck, a mouse will move in.. it's more for birds to pull nesting material out and use.. we'll see.. i needed to put something in that cute cage..

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Jay Boggess Replied to Sherry Hill 5 months ago

I always like to have an ongoing experiment to monitor.....don't you???

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David Swatton 5 months ago

Nice idea and a result that is not unlike many pieces of modern art I have seen in galleries around the world.

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