presents [353/365]

by Sherry Hill December. 19, 2019 225 views

i had no idea what i was going to photograph today.. i wasn't going to use this prompt as a noun [like xmas presents, as i'm sure it was intended] but last night i found some packages in the snow outside, meant for the neighbour.. so i walked them up.. [this is the same neighbour that gave me a xanax and talked to me when i was in the middle of my heart episode a couple weeks ago..] so last night, she handed me this little pouch.. she made it for me.. it's full of stress relieving herbs and other stuff.. she said it was to help with my anxiety.. once our lives get back on track, hers & mine [we both have fellas on the mend] i want to get to know her better.. we seem to have many similar interests..

i so love this, not just as the object it is, but it was handmade with kindness..

so, i present = a present..

[anxiety relief pouch]

[anxiety relief pouch]

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David Swatton 10 months ago

I think hand-made is the best. We try to give a lot of hand-made presents each year... whether or not the recipients think the same I'm never too sure!! grinning

10 months ago Edited
Bethany Plonski 10 months ago

I love this! What a wonderful gift, the best kind. smile

10 months ago Edited
Lee Santiva 10 months ago

This time of year is so stressful what a thoughtful present, thanks for sharing

10 months ago Edited
Benny Law 10 months ago

Touching picture and narrative, Sherry. A little kindness often goes a long way.

10 months ago Edited
Camellia Staab 10 months ago

Definitely a neighbor to keep. Sweet picture and sweet gesture.

10 months ago Edited