christmas favourite things [359/365]

by Sherry Hill December. 25, 2019 157 views

it really is just another day here in my house.. i've never much cared for the holidays and i'm glad we are staying home, doing nothing special.. ah, i'm not really a scrooge.. or perhaps i am.. i don't know, but the fella & i are happiest doing things our own way.. we aren't doing the mandatory family events, which is a stress neither of us want..

my sister and i had a little tradition all growing up, we would watch "a christmas carol" on tv [the 1951 Alastair Sim version] while we broke up loaves of bread into bowls for the xmas dinner stuffing..

this morning, my sis sent me an email.. a photo of her watching the movie last night.. i laughed as i wrote her back.. i sat up and watched the new FX version of A Christmas Carol last night too.. perhaps there is a little bit of Christmas tradition still in me..

[merry redneck christmas]

[merry redneck christmas]

anyway.. Merry Redneck Christmas from the Six Acres Woods..

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