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Listed here are each my meals.
Start Date: 03-16-2008
Hopefully this will last for at least 180days.
04-02-2008- Well I've failed already. I'm sorry but, maintaining a purpose for a blog takes effort and time...and I'm way too lazy. It looks like this will probably be another one of those: Dude-documents-every-second of-his-life/takes-stupid-pictures blogs.
All pictures are from my camera phone
06-16-2009- Hmm I suppose I've come to accept the fact that my blog is full of worthless and meaningless content. I now consider this to be my journal/diary. Hand written ones require too much effort- The convenience of a photoblog is quite nice.
08-22-2009- Not everything has to have a powerful meaning. I am uploading pictures, mostly from my phone, to remember the many milestones in my life...like yesterday's mini-golf.


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