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Ahhhh! The daunting task of editing pictures! Loads and loads of them, and somehow after all these years, it's become more and more difficult..though i love editing pictures, but…if there is so much to edit, and usually takes me weeks and weeks to choose, replace, scan, arrange, leave them….gathering dust..clean them, again, and again and again..now that becomes difficult no? It's been sitting here in my sala for months now. But somehow, I need to begin looking at them again.

Meanwhile, I procrastinate. I begin to shoot other things. what is around me… here they are..

Martha, the mama dog. lovely, beautiful, sweet, eats a lot, loves to lounge around the sala, sleeps, basks under the afternoon and morning suns, ate my light meter 2 years ago! likes mangoes, santol (trees that i have in my backyard)..sits around when you start eating breakfast, dinner and lunch, in the hopes that you will give her some too! That is after she has eaten already!

One of the things I do when procrastinating is putting my feet up..as if it helps me with editing pictures. Oh well, sometimes it helps, to have a different perspective.. from looking down at the light table, instead, I look up to the ceiling, and start, taking pictures….nothing to do with the task at hand, but, helps ease out tiredness, and the repeated action of which ones to choose, which ones to scan, etc, etc..

Martha checking out food on the dinner table!

This, here, that, there..hmmm..leave it again, smoke cigs, label it. leave it again..after many days, go back, ughhh, which box have the good ones?? start over again!

Batik, son of Martha, has recently discovered during the summer when it gets so hot, that my room is one of the coolest places to sleep in. Wherever the fan is facing, surely you would find him positioned just a few meters, either under my work station table, or under the bed..half his body peering out…I don't know why really…But the moment he hears a mango drop from the tree to the roof, he goes to the door and would ask to be let out.

Found objects: bottle picked up from a garbage can in Manhattan, blue bottle from a cellar in Koln, a kodak brownie camera from a recycling plant in Beaconsfield, a 35mm holga from my father's stock room in Cotabato, an old russian cmeha from Belgrade, postcards from Praha and New york, a self portrait painting, Brassai's catalogue from an exhibtion in London..

View of my workstation. The left door leads to the backyard garden.

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Undergroundpix 12 years, 11 months ago

lagi uy!! more pix coming up..hmmm, gotta have pix of santol and mangga...batik (syempre), ang liwat ni bambino teuqila naniya..op kors dili ka agree:( pero sige na lang.....

12 years, 11 months ago Edited
Santanu 12 years, 11 months ago


12 years, 11 months ago Edited
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