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On Kissing..On Loving…

In Public..

My first picture of this project, I took in Koln, Germany. It's not in this collection. I thought it wasn't good enough. I took it instinctively. I remember I was talking to someone on the street and there was the picture..My eyes steered towards the couple kissing a few meters from where I stood. I raised my camera and started to take pictures. But then, the couple (who didn't really notice me) started to walk away from where I was. I run after them! I did not get my picture. Oh well, the picture I wanted, in my mind…..

In New York 2002, while walking, I saw a couple taking pictures of themselves. They were locked in a loving embrace. I was standing in front of them, smiling..

I offered to take their picture using their camera.

But i made a deal, I said, I will really make good pictures of them, but if it's okay with them, I will also make pictures using my camera..They agreed!

Why do I have this kissing pictures project?

hmmm…It is something i rarely see here in my country.

public displays of affection like kissing is not so acceptable.

so when I saw the couple kissing in Germany, instinctively, I wanted to photograph it..

Here begins my attraction, my constant hunt for kissing..loving pictures.

I didn't really plan a project about it..then again, while looking through the slides, archives I found some ..quite interesting I thought.

I may have more, but I need to unearth them from piles of slides and negatives.

Chelsea, New York/2002/photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

Belgrade, Serbia/2005/photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

Coney Island, New York/2003/photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

Lincoln Center, New York/2003/photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

South Bank, London/2003/photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

Wapping Station, London/2003/photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

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Undergroundpix 11 years, 10 months ago

hmmm..yes it does no? thanks Ime!

11 years, 10 months ago Edited
Luke Pellen 12 years ago

brilliant shots, very good...

12 years ago Edited
Mybashfulcam 12 years ago

you take the best b&w photos

12 years ago Edited
Katarina Nikolic 12 years, 2 months ago

This is so beautiful.
Greetings from Belgrade.

12 years, 2 months ago Edited
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