MINDANAO revisited

by Undergroundpix September. 06, 2008 3998 views

Thanks…I wish to write something about Mindanao, as this is my homeland, and there is an ongoing war in some areas…

here it is:

It terrifies me to write, I would rather talk about it one on one about this beloved place where i come from, raised, born and bred..

Mindanao is vast, rich in natural resources, a land with so much promise, possibitlies. A land so diverse…populated by Muslims, Christians and Lumad (indigeneous peoples) communities; beautiful, rugged mountains, hills, rivers, different species thrive in the rich, breathtaking waters and inland mountains..Mountain tribes with different cultures, music, poetry, folklores, and histories.

But in some parts, conflicts rage.

These pictures I did were of refugees in spaces for peace, some in the hinterlands of sultan kudarat, some in North Cotabato (where fighting between the MILF and government troops have raged the past weeks)..the children and women depicted here have experienced intermittent evacuations due to these wars in 2000 till 2003. In the last picture, the children sitting in this portrait session were named after the sounds of the bombs, sounds of war/conflict and one particular child is named EVA, after evacuation.

My thoughts continually drift back and forth of Mindanao, as I was also born in a time of conflict during the 60s and 70s war in Cotabato.

These pictures are a tribute, a continuing memory, of HOPE ..that the war stops..and let dialogue again, soon, be started between the MILF, the government, and the communities living in the zones of conflict.

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

photograph/copyright Nana Buxani

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Undergroundpix 10 years, 3 months ago

bag o rako nag exhibit last year, dinha sa manila collective, sa cubao x..about the workers, og hangtod karon dia ra gihapon sa MET Metropolitan museum of Manila group show: Bisa potent presences..till july ni sya..


10 years, 3 months ago Edited
Anna 12 years, 8 months ago

wow !!!!! GREAT !!!!!

12 years, 8 months ago Edited
Dóri Molnár 13 years ago

I can see the hope and fear and the sad waiting in the eyes.
thanks for sharing your expressive set and your thoughts too.

13 years ago Edited
Aydin 13 years ago
13 years ago Edited
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