338/365 - Busy

by Lisa Britton December. 03, 2017 453 views

Busy weekend, drove 2 hours to watch the oldest granddaughter play in a soccer tournament, took the younger grandkids on a walk to see Christmas lights before driving 2 hours back home. Did more Christmas shopping, laundry, dishes and picked up around the house.

Tis the Season!

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Jay Boggess 2 years ago

Glad to hear you're enjoying your Grandma duties. They're fortunate to have You!

2 years ago Edited
Lisa Britton Replied to Jay Boggess 2 years ago

Love being able to spend the time with them.

2 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Lisa Britton 2 years ago

I'm sure they enjoy it, just as much!

2 years ago Edited
Pete Fitzgetald 2 years ago

Not only is a mothers job never done it would seem to apply to grand mum's as well... Happy Christmas

2 years ago Edited
Lisa Britton Replied to Pete Fitzgetald 2 years ago

You are correct - Happy Holidays to you as well!

2 years ago Edited
Stephanie Hyde 2 years ago

Indeed!  It's such a busy time of year trying to scramble to get everything done.

2 years ago Edited
Lisa Britton Replied to Stephanie Hyde 2 years ago

I know, but it does have a special feel. I love the holidays.

2 years ago Edited
Berckmans Peter 2 years ago

Still have to start here,we first celebrate St Nicolas. Than we begin on the days.

2 years ago Edited
Lisa Britton Replied to Berckmans Peter 2 years ago

Everyone has so much to do this time of the year.

2 years ago Edited
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