1/3/18 - National Drinking Straw Day

by Lisa Britton January. 03, 2018 695 views

Where would we be without Marvin C. Stone? Who is Marvin C. Stone? He is the man who invented the drinking straw back in 1888, can you imagine the juice box without a straw, how could you enjoy a thick, yummy Milk Shake without a straw or just enjoying an ice cold glass of soda.

Marvin Stone's inspiration was the classic Mint Julep. He wanted a way to sip his drink without adding any unwanted flavor or having it dissolve in his drink. The original one was paper wrapped around a pencil and glued. Shortly thereafter he invented a machine that coated the outside of the paper sealing it with wax.

Today most straws are made of plastic and Americans use more than 500 million drinking straws a day. That's a lot of straws!

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For a rainbow of slurping

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