A night stroll in Thimphu

by Ugyen Norbu May. 12, 2017 334 views

Thimphu, a city with about 150,000 inhabitants, is the capital and the largest city in Bhutan. If you search Thimphu on internet, it is full of images of kids in tattered clothe, cow herders, and women with hairstyle from 60s. However, that is rapidly changing, with ever increasing younger generation engrossed into social media, hip-hop dance, tattoo fever and latest Korean fashion sense.

The generation gap between the old-school patriarchal parenthood and the youth in search of expressing their existential identity is stretching the fabric of the society, often to its limit.

The uncontrolled rural-urban migration, unemployment, drug addiction, spread of anarchy and nihilistic view can all be traced back to the momentous shift in geology of our own history of change: hardly a progress, as some may view it. Today, the city is our worn melting pot of ideology and identity, where difference rub shoulder and change hundred of hands. You don't not have to go far to come across streets with trash, young men in dark allies and pub full of numb-witted people.

On the brighter side, we get access to the fastest internet, online facilities, multitude of choice for shopping, and budding market for talent. This is the place where many made their dreams come true in performing arts, music, business and venture. The new wave of Bhutanese intellectuals are conquering unchartered sea everyday in our own way, pushing the boundary of achievement and exploration.

With all its vice and virtue, nothing reinforces the true sense of belonging as by the Thimphu City skyline with the last rays of light hitting puffy cloud up above and neon light glittering the valley.

I invite you for a night stroll in Thimphu.

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