Not just a lake!

by Urmi Ds March. 06, 2018 334 views

My tryst with Dal lake. From rear wall picture of an auto rickshaw to Iconic picture of Jammu Kashmir tourism Daal lake adorned all. And I continuously pushed it down my wishlist while hunting for unseen, less talked about and less frequented places. Finally Dal lake happened nd happened mesmerizingly. I too could capture the photos that perhaps all the camera of travellers stored. As the shikara took it's own course I was lost in the moment... moment that was made by its own people, their lives, comforts and discomforts, hassles and pleasure. They didn't live in Daal lake, Daal lived in them. Pictures are just a sneak into the glimpses of another morning amidst the lives that have made Daal their home and their bread.

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