Day 116: Those Shirts That Come In Little Bricks

by Usc2000 April. 25, 2008 1375 views

So you know those t-shirts that people give away that are compressed down into little tiny bricks?

My company gave those away at a recent industry tradeshow, and a couple of the guys that sit near me grabbed one. They decided today to unwrap them and see what the shirts actually looked like. This is what you get.

The shirts stink (literally), and are so heavily starched that I think the wrinkles will be permanent. And, truthfully, until they're washed, I don't think they'll fit anyone very well. The guy wearing this shirt was showing more than a little belly, just because the shirt was so short. It was a great look around the office, let me tell you.

A word of advice to all of you - if you ever get one of these shirts, wash it before putting it on.

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