Day 157: Puzzles

by Usc2000 June. 05, 2008 2009 views

I love doing puzzles - jigsaw, brainteasers, crossword, anagrams, you name it.

One of my recent (within the last year) discoveries has been what are often called “Paintdoku” puzzles, or nonograms, or riddlers. Each month in a puzzle magazine to which I subscribe, there are two pages of these puzzles. They're a little like sudoku, but more so just interesting logic puzzles.

You can probably read the instructions, but basically, each number on the top and left of the grid represent a continuous string of numbers in that row or column that should be filled in. There is at least one open square between each string. From there, you figure out which squares should be colored in.

The puzzles are highly addictive, so I've searched for computer programs that will also allow me to play.

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Scmusicals 11 years, 5 months ago

did you already finish off your book of paintdoku puzzles?

11 years, 5 months ago Edited