Day 336: Bittersweet Memories

by Usc2000 December. 01, 2008 2735 views

This is one 365 picture I wish I didn't have to post.

I found out on November 22 that the person outside of my immediate family that has had the biggest impact on my life had passed away. He was my high school civics teacher, and in many ways, he made me who I am today.

I will write more about him and his influence on my life in an upcoming entry, as I will be attending his memorial service on December 7. Instead, today's picture is due to the fact that I received a request for pictures to include in a slideshow at the memorial service. I tore my place apart looking for my scrapbook from that year (it turns out it was at my parents' house, so my mom scanned a few of the photos for me), but all I found was this calendar, created by one of my classmates before the 29 of us in the class went off to college. She put together a collage calendar filled with pictures from throughout the year, and it was always a treat to turn the page to a new month to discover what crazy images she'd included. This was actually one of my favorite pages - there are group pictures from all of our competitions (regional, state, and national), as well as tours around Washington, D.C., and our Senior Ball group photo.

The memories are wonderful, but the reason for revisiting them so vividly is extremely sad.

Thanks, Mo-Dawg.

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