Sunshine and Figs.

by Vivienne Albiston July. 30, 2016 337 views

I reckon I could make a good go of being a weather person but think my interest wouldn`t last very long.

Therefore: It is sunny today,so I`ve been transplanting some veggies, watering others and picking yet others..It does amaze me the arial acrobatics that the snails we have get up to to get onto the plants, Pellets and used ground coffee do not deter the pesky blighters and I cannot squish them.....Now if they were a caterpillar I would have no such scruples but a snail, maybe it`s the anticipation of the crunch I cannot tolerate. So with my camera in hand, off I trotted daisy hunting. These images are not what I had in my head so will try again tomorrow, and don`t ask what image was in my head cos I don`t really know, just know this isn`t it, take a look and fire away..To me the word ordinary comes to mind . x

ps: I have two fig tree`s in my polytunnel and I did not restrict their roots, I can see some of you smiling, I`m in big trouble, they`re huge with zillions of figs on em...I brutalized them earlier in the year lopping huge great chunks off..It rewarded me by growing even more and putting up more figs...Is there a horticultural whizz out there who can instruct me how and when to prune these monsters...Desperation is coming in now and am thinking of chainsawing them down! 

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Marilyn Grimble 4 years, 1 month ago

:-) Very impressive - but no idea as to what you should do!
You could make syrup of figs - a well known medicine when I was a kid !!!!!!!!!!

4 years, 1 month ago Edited