Pod Like!

by Vivienne Albiston March. 14, 2018 3014 views

Responding to a brief for the Regency Restoration Project at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales...

Fiddling with paper thin porcelain, cobalt and iron oxide...A pain to stop the two colours smudging onto the pristine white porcelain.

Shapes based on some big flower pods I photographed there earlier in the year.

Several shapes tried, will see how they bisque..This thin they could just slump into oblivion, urghh....support, support, that`s what I`ll try.

Magical Surprise, remember the clay exchange I was in....hmphhh, me making a cup, it sure pushed me into areas I just don`t go...I got a beautiful bowl and dipper bowl from my clay buddy in Australia....check it out...

And just to reiterate, it is still raining here.

Thought You might like this, these guys...and gals could sprig like no business.

I hope these links are working I ain`t to good at `em.

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