Turps, lovely pong!

by Vivienne Albiston March. 29, 2018 320 views

Today I did a demo on marbling with oil paint, turps, pastel and nail varnish..

A real pongy mix of stuff.

Yers, I have tried the seaweed route and never got that good results , so...

I work fast to keep the pong down a bit.

I marble onto, clean paper, old maps, old books,tatty old prints I`ve discarded, old comics....anything I don`t have to pay for I suppose.

works for me.

A friend was mono-printing at the same time.

Sweater sleeves, almost as good as a roller.

And a young boy (10 yrs) produced his first print..

firing went well, just waiting for it to stop raining so I can photograph them..

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Antonio Gil 2 years ago

Hard work it seems

2 years ago Edited
Vivienne Albiston Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago

It can be fun too...

2 years ago Edited
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