Vivienne Albiston's posts from March 2020

It was this blue and the Daffys provided a magic contrast.Chilly today though. It was this blue and the Daffys provided a magic contrast.C

In the language of flowers it represents hope, never more true. Taken very early evening of the bees always flowers early.

Greater stitchwort, thought to cause thunderstorms if you pick it as well as being the property of the pixies. Picked in earlier times as a cure for the `stitch…

Went in to work, mooching about....I think therefore I work, doesn`t seem to happen with me. Spent most of my time just re arranging the audience of failures ,…

Stuff just gathers up, ongoing projects to ones just left to gather dust.. stuff you just need... Kilns... Clay slabs waiting , Drawings to work from.…

All are five minute sketches, `cept the last one which is 10 minute pose. Todays model is Justina, she`s very tall.

It`s all down to team work, from curators to labels, from brewing tea to sweeping the floor....magic when a plan comes together due to the folks involved.

Glaze fire finished. Araminta sorted, til I looked closer, she has a crack in her leg. Small but makes her unsaleable, she`s destined for landfill.

Barney cwtching in front of the aga, while it rains and howls outside... Then he decides the shopping bag might be better