Vivienne Albiston's life drawing Posts

Model is Justina, very tall and slim and sits very still. Still practising hands and feet... Mix of charcoal, pastel and ink.

arghh, trying so hard to improve hands and fingers.. 20 min sketch, pastel/pen/ink. 10 min sketch, coloured pencils. 20 minute sketch, ink/charcoal/pastel/pen.

Everything foreshortened cos I sit on the floor and draw.. sans head cos it took me long enough to figure out those hands..

and fronts as well really. I always think the back looks very vulnerable and I love trying to draw it. Conveying the vulnerability, well I don`t know whether I…

Two 30 minute sketches and one 10 minute sketch... Seems this laid back pose brings back memories for some folk.! uhuh, I actually got that droopy hand right…

Hobbit toes are in evidence again... and no I don`t usually do faces. 10 minute sketch. arghh I can see those toes are just so wrong.. hTh This one I like.O

Tuesday I went to life drawing as normal, two twenty minute sketches were part of the work I did that day.