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by Valerie J June. 06, 2017 356 views

6/5/17 Over the weekend I took the Level 1 Google certification test and I passed. Now I am officially a Google Nerd. Today I proved it. My bestie at work is retiring and she is practically giving me everything from her room, including Dye Cut letters- the big cardboard like letters that go on bulletin boards and stuff. I spent the last few days popping them all out and today I organized them and filled out this handy spreadsheet. I was able to quickly decide which letters I was going to use for my advertisement poster for the GOTR fundraiser. I wanted to use the silvery letters for GOTR but just by glancing at the spreadsheet, I see that I do not have a silvery G. Done, move on to the next. Instead, I used the green pattern letters. Pictures to come.

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Leah Bolek 3 years, 8 months ago


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Valerie J Replied to Leah Bolek 3 years, 8 months ago

The apple doesn't fall far, does it?

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