Stitch Fix

by Valerie J October. 10, 2017 284 views

9/22/17 Today I received my first Stitch Fix and I love it! I got 5 items and I bought them all. They have you fill out a survey with your sizes, likes and style. They show you a few looks and you rate them. I tried on all 5 of my items and I fell in love right away. When you buy all 5, you get 25% off, so it was totally worth keeping everything. You have the option of doing every month, every other month, or every 2 months. You can also do twice a month, but that's way too much for me. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.

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Leah Bolek 3 years ago

Are you wearing this cute outfit today? Styling!! =)

3 years ago Edited
Valerie J Replied to Leah Bolek 3 years ago

I did not wear it today but I will this week.

3 years ago Edited